Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Checkup number.... oh I've lost count

Dear Baby,

Today I went to another doctor appointment. I have to get my glucose test pretty soon. I don't know why everyone I talk to always complains about the drink you have to drink, I hate the needle and drawing blood part.

Today I heard your heart again, felt you move, and then they measured me. To my doctor's astonishment my tummy is measuring 2 weeks early. This is the same thing that happened to me when I was pregnant with Noah. At my 36 week checkup with him, I measured 40 weeks. The doctor said "oh you're going to have a big baby." I didn't, instead I went into labor the next day.

I am 26 weeks pregnant now, and I am measuring at 28 weeks. If that is correct, than your due date is not going to be October 28th. I'm thinking, at least the 14th or 15th by what I am measuring now. I can't wait to see what I'm measuring in 3 weeks. I am curious what that will tell us about when you'll decide to show up. It's kinda fun having a built in system that gives me a heads-up early to be prepared and pack my hospital bag.

But for now, I am still busy getting your room ready, and planning your baby shower, and preparing for my baby girl.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Journey to your nursery

Dear Baby,
We spent all day today painting your room today. Even though we don't have curtains up, or sheets on your bed. Even though there is boy stuff ALL OVER your room. It still feels like YOUR room. You wanna know why? Oh..... because it's PINK!

We had ever so much fun today painting the nursery. Carefully taping the walls, picking the right paint, meticulously getting every edge and nook. There is something about putting pink on a wall that makes me smile from head to toe. It's just a color I never thought I'd get to see on a wall in my house, and now here I am staring pink in the face. I am excited about how everything is coming together. Here is a sneak peek:

It makes me hungry for watermelon!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Dear Baby,
This weekend your Special Aunt Lauren and I are going to be painting your room. Doing your room has been a challenge for me because I have had so many years to dream up what I want to do with it. I have sat and researched the internet until my eyeballs have popped out of my head, looking for ideas I loved, and baby bedding that I liked. Ofcourse, I couldn't just go with a REGULAR bedding set like any normal mommy would. No, you had to have original bedding. So I eventually decided on doing your room in a damask print.
It's a little more sophisticated, and a little less tiny baby so that as you grow a little older, your room can also grow with you. After searching fabrics FOREVER, I finally decided on a Michael Miller fabric in candy pink. We're going to make curtains, a bumper, and a bedskirt out of this fabric. I am going to use the green stripe that is already painted in your brother's room and add pink to it. Then I plan on painting one accent wall pink. Here are some paint samples I am thinking about and the fabric for your room.

I've got this total picture of what I want it to look like in my head. A princess room, but not overly fairytale just more like a room fit for a princess. I think I mostly want it to look really really girlie, because I haven't gotten to experience that yet. I am having so much fun coming up with creative ideas. You and I are going to be spending a lot of time in that room, a lot of sleepless nights quietly rocking away in that room. And I want it to be a place we can both enjoy!
I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress little one.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being HUGE

Dear Baby, you're BIG!

Okay, so you're really not that big, but you FEEL enormous. I actually put a bathingsuit on the other day (don't worry baby, I'll spare you the pictures) and your grandma said "wow, you're HUGE!" I think she had good intentions while saying that, but it didn't feel good hearing it.

I am 6 months pregnant today. That means, I still have 3 more months. At this point, I cannot imagine how giant I am going to look by the end, but I am guessing that I will look like I swallowed the world's largest pumpkin. On top of that, I FEEL big. I can now see you poking out of me when you kick, my belly button is dangerously close to being non-existent and I am sore all the time. I remember what being big looked like, but I forgot entirely how it felt. And now that it is 102 degrees outside and showing no signs of getting cooler for at least 2 more months, I am getting crabby too!

I remember when I told people what my due date was, they would often make the comment "Oh... that means you have to go through summer months really big." I didn't think much of it at the time because I was big and pregnant with Elijah all the way until August. But I wasn't thinking about the fact that all of August and September it was going to be scorching hot too. It's getting kinda hard to breathe.

Yet, even though 3 months seems like FOREVER to be big and pregnant, I am also thinking how quickly 3 months is going to fly by and how much work I have to do on your nursery. I have a few more girl clothes this month, we're getting there. This whole girl thing is new to me, and it's taking some time.

Please don't squish me baby.
Love, Mama