Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7 months old reflections

Dear Olivia,

You're 7 months old, very nearly 8 months and the time is just flying by. You now have a winning smile, and a giggle that lights up my day. You have two front teeth that are slowly but surely making their appearance. And because of those teeth coming in, you make the most delightful face that just cracks us up. And ofcourse, the signature nose scrunch.

Olivia you are a delight. The only time you seem to fuss is when you're hungry. You spend all your free time rolling, and chewing and laughing and talking. You can ofcourse say Dada, and you amaze your brothers with your chatty dada dialogue throughout the day. You can also say "hi" and wave. It's more like "Heeeeeey" , but it certainly grabs our attention, and it totally counts as a first word. You really are so smart and will dazzle anyone within spitting distance of you. You absolutely captivate your brothers.

While your name is Olivia, we very rarely call you that. You have settled quite nicely in responding to "Liv" and that is our name of choice for you. But your daddy has developed a sweet nickname for you, that I am afraid you will probably have for the entirety of your life. Everytime he sees you, he calls you "babygirl" and you totally are his babygirl. You go crazy when he walks in the door. You love making silly faces at him and being tickled by him. You are such a small little thing, but you already own your daddy's heart and soul and I am so blessed to watch your relationship with him grow.

At 7 months old, you're not in any real hurry to sit up, or crawl. With the other two kids I was so obsessed with getting them to that milestone. But with you, I'm learning just to take it all in and enjoy the baby that you really want to be. You love to be held and cuddled. You love kisses, and snuggles and lots of hugs. You light up the dark corners of my life Olivia. And when sometimes I just need to be hugged, you nuzzle your face into my hair and I feel so loved. You are so nurturing already. My dear, sweet little love: I am so thankful for you. I am so thankful for the dresses and the bows, but more than that. I am thankful for the hole you've filled, and the completeness I feel now that I have you. You are so loved.

Love, your Mama