Monday, April 4, 2011

5 months old and a bundle of kisses

Dear Baby,

We definitely call you Liv. Much more than I thought I would. At 5 months old, you weigh just barely 12 pounds. You aren't in much of a hurry to roll over, though if your mother would just put you down occasionaly, I am sure that would help :)
You don't have teeth yet, but you're definitely teething. There are several (bulges) on your gums and you are fussy at varying times. I have a feeling they're all going to come in at once like Elijah's did. We are experimenting with rice cereal and a bit of applesauce. But you really just still prefer breastmilk (which is just fine with me!)

You have discovered your tongue and her feet. On most days I can hear you blowing bubbles, and I can see you holding your feet. You absolutely ADORES kisses. You would be kissed all day if you had a choice in the matter. You're not biased either. You love daddy kisses as much as mommy kisses. And you're all about the cuddles. You even will look up at us and open your mouth real big and dive in to give us kisses. It's so cute. You are not a pacifier baby, or a finger in her mouth baby, like both my other babies were. No, you Ms. Liv are all about the blankets. Particularily the one blanket that Great Grandmother made you. You love to be covered in it, and chew the ends. You're ALWAYS finding a blanket to suck on. I think we're going to have a Linus baby on our hands :) You are extremely social. You already have a baby friend whom you play with on the floor and you absolutely love your brothers. Well, if I'm being totally honest you absolutely love Elijah and tolerate Noah. But that's just because Noah is very loud, and isn't always gentle with you.

If you're crying, Elijah can come over and talk to you and you'll grin from ear to ear. This is why I often ask him to go talk to the baby when I'm getting Noah dressed. You also love being in the backseat with the boys in the car. Just yesterday NOAH (remember, the not even 2 year old) was talking to you. He said, "Hi!" then he paused while you goo gooed and gah gahed. Then he said "Oh yeah baby?" like you guys were engaged in a very serious discussion. I died of laughter. A trait he undoubtedly learned from his big brother. Still it was so endearing.

Noah loves you Olivia. He finds your socks and shoes and gives them to me. He finds your hairbows and tries to put them on your head. He absolutely loves his baby. And the boys often fight over exactly who's baby she is. Ofcourse everyone should know by now... She's MY baby! :)

Love, Mama