Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 months old

Dear Baby,

The last 4 months have been the most challenging, sleep-deprived, joyous and wonderful months of my life. You came, and at first, you were just this little pink blob in our lives. And then you got personality. You're teaching us all sorts of new things about girls. Your brothers were very basic babies: They liked to eat, sleep, and cuddle occasionally. You, you're different.You like to talk. I don't mean you blow bubbles and coo on the floor. You require conversation, attention, stimulation. You're not happy unless we're talking to you. You love to just gab and gab with me. It's so strange little girl, what a girl you are. Even being so little.

We just love your little personality. How you giggle when I touch the underside of your chin and armpits. How you blow bubbles at your brothers and try to hold their hands everytime they come near you. You are a little social butterfly. You're also quite the diva. You prefer to be held, and really if I'm being honest, you prefer being held by me alone. You don't quite know what to do with your daddy yet. But I am savoring this time that's all mine right now. Because I know one day you will grow up and be your daddy's girl and you won't particularily care for me.

You don't seem to mind when I do silly things like paint your toenails. You let me put ribbons and bows and crazy big flowers on your head without complaint. You never fuss or kick when I put dresses and tights and shoes on you. I really appreciate that. It's almost like you KNOW how special and important it is to me.

You are starting to sleep more at night, and I am really liking you for that. There was a period of about 2 months when you and I didn't get along so well, and you cried about most everything. But now that we have you mostly sleep trained, you are doing so much better.

I am cherishing every feeding I get with you. When you are done eating you like to talk to me and then you give me a big grin. Almost as if to say "thank you mama". I love that, it's unique to you and it's such a special thing to me.

We love to stare into your big VERY BROWN eyes and speculate on who you look like. Your eyes are definitely your daddy's, along with your KILLER eyelashes. But you got your mama's nose. Right now it looks like you have Elijah's mouth, but we can't be sure. There is something about you that makes you strikingly beautiful. You're so feminine and Olivia... you're just beautiful.

You're so fun right now, and we're looking forward to the coming months when your personality comes through even more.... as well as your hair.