Wednesday, October 19, 2011

11 months and a whole lot of words!

Dear Baby,

It's been a hard month for us. Getting you to gain weight has been tricky (one day this will bode well for you). It's been a month of extreme development for you as we've seen more and more of your personality shine through. We've discovered that you are quite opinionated. You don't mind telling us exactly what you think at any given moment (something you've undoubtedly inherited from me.) Watching you interact and understand us more and more when we talk to you has been amazing. You're understanding so many words and even sentences. When we say, "Do you wanna go?" you instantly drop what you are doing and excitedly kick. When we ask you if you want to eat, or want more you are also very responsive. Equally you understand night-night which is both a blessing and a curse. But it was the two week visit with your grandparents in Georgia when we discovered just how much you could communicate. In just two weeks you learned how to say "Bye-bye" and wave, "hi, and hey" depending on how well you know the person (also accompanied by a big grin and a wave). You say "Uh-oh" when you drop things and also "Wow" when something is fascinating. You mimic almost everything we say and you get alarmingly close to words like airplane and happy. You are dying to have conversations and any time you can you throw out all the words you know in a rythmic flow. It's incredible how socially adept you are and how fascinated you are with interaction. You daily amaze me with what you learn and how well you retain information. We are so excited to celebrate your first birthday soon and all the amazing milestones that the age of one brings. As always, you are a delight.