Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 months old and mother's milk

Dear Baby,
You're 8 months old now and it is a mystery to me how you got so old.Weren't you just a tiny newborn only a few minutes ago? Though everyone says you're still so tiny, I see it....the growth in you. How chubby your little cheeks are, how you can see me from down the hallway. How you know your father's face when he comes home from work. I see evidence of your growth everywhere.

But in one area, you're still very much my little baby. Liv you've always loved to breastfeed. I've never really had any trouble with you at all in that department. I went away for 5 days on a vacation with your daddy a few months back and was worried sick about leaving you and losing this connection I have with my little baby. But as soon as I came back, we went right back to normal and I cannot believe we've made it this far. I have to say, that after 2 different kinds of experiences with breastfeeding, it's nice to have somewhat of a success story with you.

I love the time we spend together. I love how you gently brush my face with your hands, or how you giggle at me when you're full . I love the connection and bond it brings in us, and am so thankful for it.

You recently got a tooth, and on occasion you like to "try it out" on me, which makes you laugh. It's not pleasant to me, but I'm thankful you don't really do it all the time.
Olivia, I'm not sure how long I will get this time with you, but I am really enjoying it. You are precious and I treasure you.


Friday, July 1, 2011

First Fry (8 months)

It's every mother's nightmare to lose the precious moments of a third-born due to business, or inability to pick up a camera. I vowed a long time ago to not let the story of your childhood go untold simply because I had two other children. You are special, you are dear, and you are just as important. And it's my job to document your life; every small victory, every adorable thing you do.

Today, you had your first In-n-Out french fry. And you didn't stop at one. No my dear, you ate half of my share of fries. It was so cute. And I was so excited that I was able to catch it. You see, I have a picture of each one of your brother's first In-n-Out french fry eating experiments as well. And I was so pleased that I didn't miss the opportunity to catch YOUR special day as well. Will it seem silly to other people, and maybe even to you one day? Oh probably. But today, was a special day... for me. The day my baby discovered french fries.