Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear Baby,

I want blueberry muffins. Really badly. Also, I could go for a nice cherry cheesecake. Last week it was steak and potatoes (which your daddy thoughtfully gave me).
Cravings are so weird.
I have never in my life absolutely needed, and HAD to have something so badly as I do when I am pregnant. The thought pops into my head and it just won't stop until it is quenched.

With your big brother Elijah, it was bacon. Ham, bacon, anything in the pork family. And I ABSOLUTELY HATE pork normally. With your big brother Noah it was mostly chocolate, though there was a strange night when pickles and pancakes tasted ever so good together.

You, you're different. With you, it's rich red meats and decadent desserts. You are such a tiny little thing inside my body how in the world can you be taking over so much?

I don't know, but cheesecake is sounding really good right now, I think I'll ask your grandma to make me one when she comes up next week. Grr... next week. I have to wait that long?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Healthy Heart

Dear Baby,

Well, it's official.... you're real. If the cramping and lower back pain didn't tell me, or the frequent nausea or the constant dizzy spells, the picture I hold in my hands today does.

I got my first sonogram today, I saw the very first picture of you. I was relieved to hear that you were healthy, and that you weren't twins! I also saw the fluttering of your tiny heartbeat. It was a great feeling being able to see your little life inside me.

I have prayed furiously for protection around my womb and for your health and safety as I have really been feeling quite awful the last few weeks. It has worried me. But it was so nice to see that you were safe and thriving, swimming away in my belly.

Here's your first picture baby, and you are gorgeous!

I love you baby.



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Growing Pains

If this blog had sound, it would be to the tune of the Growing Pains theme song "Show me that smile again...." But baby, this is way way before your time and it is dating me so I will continue.

Dear Baby,

I am nearly 7 weeks pregnant with you today, and it is amazing to me that only a year ago I was pregnant with your brother. And even within that year, I forgot what this feels like.

I forgot the extreme pain my body goes through, stretching, growing, and moving to make room for you. I forgot how unbelievably exhausting this stage is. I sleep like the dead. I forgot how dizziness can hit you so hard you nearly fall over. I just plain forgot.

And do you know why I forgot baby? Because all that pain is worth it. You're worth it baby.

I love you.