Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 weeks

Dear Baby,

At 5 weeks old, you have become very alert. After each feeding you enjoy looking lovingly into our eyes and interacting with us. Ofcourse, not much comes of it but blowing bubbles and cooeing, but we'll take what we can get. You eat very well, and don't have any trouble on that front. You went through a stage where you were constantly fussy with gas, but you're thankfully not as fussy anymore and we are happy about that. You are generally a happy baby.

You love listening to your brothers play around you, and responds with a few smiles every now and then for mommy when I talk to you. You are already a princess though, still insisting on being rocked to sleep and, most nights, needing to be held all night. With the boys we were much more strict about getting them into a schedule and teaching them to fall asleep on their own. I don't know if it's because you're the baby, or because you're our girl but we have bent the rules a teeny bit on that one. You LIVE for your bouncy seat. And can often be found vibrating away in that thing.

You have thick black hair that is already starting to be curly. I originally thought after 2 or so weeks you would be bald, but I am pleasantly surprised at how much hair you continue to have. Not only on the back of your head, but in the front as well. You have a really pretty shaped hairline in the front and the back of your hair is already growing so much that it practically covers the hairbands we put in. I am interested to see if you keep it, or if it eventually thins out. You also have very dark eyes. The boys both had blue from the get-go, so this dark eye thing is new to us. There is a small ring of blue that remains around the outer rim of your eye, but the rest is a dark, very nearly brown color. I'm really liking this black hair brown eye thing. It's such a contrast to the other babies.
The boys LOVE you. Everytime they hear you cry they come and get me. I love as Noah peers over her crib and says, "Hiiiiii baby!". Elijah likes to tell me all about how the baby is up and "mama the baby pooped. She pooped a wawt." He also loves to hold you any chance he gets and touches your head and holds your hand. He says, "mama, baby has weewy tiny hands". Noah has taken to blowing you kisses. And kisses your head anytime you're in your bouncy seat. They have settled in nicely to the familiarity of your cries and are not bothered by them.

We love you sweet girl, and are so happy you're a part of our family!