Friday, February 3, 2012

Say "Dees"

Dear Baby,

You're 15 months old and as smart as a whip. We've been really working on crawling and walking still but one thing is for sure: You can TALK! Your mind is a human sponge and you are developing at a pace that astounds me. For Christmas, we gave you a princess camera. You now crawl around the house holding it up to your face and saying "Dees" (Cheese).

You can copy just about any word you hear, but here are a few things you are saying and actually know the meaning for. "More" when you're thirsty, "Baby" when you're talking about yourself, "Nigh Nigh" when you go to bed. You also play with your dolls in your dollhouse and put them to bed telling them "Nigh Nigh". You can say "Noah" as clear as day and "Wa-Wa" is what you use for Elijah. You still favor "Uh Oh" and "Oh wow" and "bye bye" as you wave. Every morning when we come in to greet you, you wave and say "Hi Mama!". When your daddy comes into the house from work you say "Hi Dada" with such enthusiasm, he has to run to you and give you a kiss. You can point to your nose and say it, and your mouth and say "mouth" and eyes as well. You also point them out on your baby doll. And just the other day when you were playing with your dolls you learned how to say "What are you doing?" I kid you not, I almost fell over. An entire sentence?

You LOVE to sing and make up songs and frequently do. And when we're alltogether in the room you babble like a crazy person to keep up with us. While all the other babies your age are totting around down a hallway, you are just suited to sit on the floor, or crawl to where you want to go. But make no mistake: you are no lazy bum, no you're just lightyears ahead of them when it comes to communication. I LOVE that about you and I have this sneaking suspicion that you are going to be one of those girls that talks incessantly. I love this new phase in your development girly and am so proud of how smart you are and how fast you pick up on things!

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