Friday, July 1, 2011

First Fry (8 months)

It's every mother's nightmare to lose the precious moments of a third-born due to business, or inability to pick up a camera. I vowed a long time ago to not let the story of your childhood go untold simply because I had two other children. You are special, you are dear, and you are just as important. And it's my job to document your life; every small victory, every adorable thing you do.

Today, you had your first In-n-Out french fry. And you didn't stop at one. No my dear, you ate half of my share of fries. It was so cute. And I was so excited that I was able to catch it. You see, I have a picture of each one of your brother's first In-n-Out french fry eating experiments as well. And I was so pleased that I didn't miss the opportunity to catch YOUR special day as well. Will it seem silly to other people, and maybe even to you one day? Oh probably. But today, was a special day... for me. The day my baby discovered french fries.

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